Supported Living

CourtCare Flexi is constantly searching for better ways to serve people with mental Health, learning disabilities and Autism. Our supported living program is designed to address those needs in a comprehensive manner, ensuring round-the-clock assistance in a highly supportive environment that provides far more freedom than a traditional in-patient institution. 

Supported living service is provided for eligible adult clients of both genders with mild to medium disabilities. Programs are fully personalised, so each client gets exactly the kind of support they needs based on a carefully crafted support plan. We work together with clients to formulate support plans and objectives that make sense to them, and allow safe and steady progress towards reintegration into the community. 

Our professional staff members have been trained to recognise and respect the needs of each individual. Clients are encouraged to partake in various activities, gradually building their self-esteem and their social skills while interacting with others. For people living with mental/learning disabilities and autism, a period spent in this kind of environment can be very stimulating and serve as a stepping stone towards rehabilitation. Pace of recovery depends on many factors including the severity of patient’s condition and responsiveness to care, but generally speaking our supported living service can provide a positive influence and improve quality of life for many patients.

Supported living program by CourtCare Flexi is suitable for people looking for informal care or those with a community treatment order (CTO). It can last a variable length of time and include various types of support. Again, every element is personalised and adjusted to exact needs and abilities of each client. We strive to open new possibilities, not impose restrictions, and this positive attitude drives our approach when it comes to supported living service. So far, the reactions of our clients are overwhelmingly positive, and we invite you to find out why.