Due to old age, mental disability or psychological problems, some people can experience difficulties conducting basic everyday tasks and need someone to be with them in order to function normally. CourtCare Flexi is well equipped to assist such individuals, whatever the reason for their situation might be and whatever type of service they require. We are capable of providing support at any time of the day and at any location, making sure that our clients remain safe, comfortable and with access to all necessities and medicaments. By providing comprehensive support, we can provide much-needed relief and help clients go through a difficult period.

As a professional Social care recruitment platform, CourtCare Flexi understands that some conditions can result in erratic, lethargic or confused behavior. Our care providers are carefully selected and well-prepared to deal with even the most sensitive situations without disturbing the patient in any way. We are qualified to assist people with autism, learning or cognitive disabilities, or other types of disorders, as well as senior citizens with limited mobility. Each patient is assigned his personal care provider who is well informed about his clinical history and practical disabilities.

Our support services can be rendered at any location, including client’s home. They can include a wide range of tasks – we help our clients eat their meals, remind them to take medications, accompany them on a visit to a doctor, or do their shopping instead of them. In addition to practical help, we also offer support and encouragement at every opportunity, strengthening client’s resolve to achieve betterment and overcome any temporary setbacks. Teaching clients to manage their symptoms and develop alternative ways to complete casual tasks is a big part of our approach since we believe short term comfort must be complemented with long-term support in order to achieve success.

There are no off hours for us – we know that our clients require support at all times of day and night and we never keep them waiting. To work for CourtCare Flexi means to be in constant service of those who can’t take care of themselves, and we fully understand the magnitude of responsibility placed upon us. Every client is equally important to us, and we are always willing to work a little bit harder if it can make a difference in someone’s life.