Our Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

As an organisation focused on bridging the gap between demand for personalised health care and the abundance of qualified UK-based care providers looking for work, CourtCare Flexi dedicated utmost attention to the recruitment process. We use a fair and transparent recruitment procedure that allows us to quickly identify the most capable candidates and put them in contact with organisations and patients they would be able to help. It’s absolutely essential that we evaluate each candidate accurately, as our entire business model depends on well-targeted expertise.

Everyone can apply to become a part of our service network by submitting a request on our official website. Applicants will be asked to provide references that prove their competence for specific healthcare tasks, and to undergo one or more interviews with our recruitment consultants and/or clients. This process is designed to allow the most suitable candidates to stand out from a crowd quickly, but also to ensure that clients can be absolutely certain about integrity and qualifications of people they will work with. We are constantly improving the recruitment process based on our experience, learning from our mistakes and taking feedback from clients into account.

CourtCare Flexi performs extensive background checks for shortlisted candidates, so we already know a lot about the person before we make a suggestion to the client. Still, the final interview can frequently prove to be decisive, as we seek to confirm our first impression and assign the job to the right person. Our skilled staffing experts are there to keep the entire process on schedule and administrate it in a professional and efficient way. By taking care of the logistics of the recruitment process, CourtCare Flexi allows candidates to focus on their presentations while demanding a minimum of effort from the client. 

To ensure level playing grounds, we adhere to fair hiring practices and don’t use discriminatory judgments. We care about skills and character of our candidates, and respect their individual choices, private opinions and cultural heritage. Our team was built with diversity and equal treatment in mind, and we encourage people to express their ideas, for as long as they stay within the framework of their professional duties. We believe our team of healthcare professionals is among the best in the UK, and continue to add to it on a regular basis – so the application process is always open.