We are dedicated to putting the most qualified care professionals in contact with those who need and appreciate their services the most. By doing this, we are strengthening our community and trying to resolve some of the issues that disadvantaged persons often encounter in their daily lives.

CourtCare Flexi is unique healthcare network, based on an innovative, more efficient model. As the name implies, we aim to redefine the way personal care is administered and introduce more flexible ways to operate in this field. The idea is to provide a framework for safe and well-informed matching of customers and personal care providers who are located in the same geographic area. We perform all the background checks and arrange interviews, thus ensuring each of our customers is served by the right person with the prerequisite qualifications.


This system is very simple, and provides numerous benefits for both sides. Clients have the freedom to choose their service providers based on their actual needs, with full access to detailed information about a range of candidates. On the other hand, care providers can greatly expand their outreach, accumulate credentials and advance their careers by joining CourtCare Flexi and working under our auspices. As our platform continues to grow and our collaborative model becomes more refined, the benefits will only diversify and become more plentiful, so the incentives to join now are very strong.

CourtCare Flexi is dedicated to maintaining a high-level of professionalism, which is simply necessary in a sensitive industry like ours. Integrity and empathy are as much important in our eyes as ability and expertise. That’s why all of our consultants and service providers share the same respect for human life, privacy, and dignity. Those principles are reflected in all of our hiring decisions, and we hold all people associated with our brand accountable for their actions. Our current success is based largely on our corporate values, and we intend to uphold them in all situations regardless of what’s at stake.

Our headquarters are based in Milton Keynes, our service network is focused on the local community. Applying to become one of our care providers or inquiring about our assistance is very easy, and our kind staff is on hand to answer any specific questions you might have. Don’t hesitate to drop us a message and let us know how we can make your life or career easier!